27 June 2005

rising from ashes

okay, this is not happening. somebody slap me please. i did not just read on billy corgan's blog that he plans to REUNITE THE SMASHING PUMPKINS. *pinch self* here's to hoping he brings iha, d'arcy, chamberlain all back, not replacements. let's bring out all the SP records. time to shake down to 1979!

god, please don't let this be a zwan.


gramaphone got my number

got a little excited at gramaphone yesterday. at one point, i had like 4-5 CDs in hand, actually contemplating getting them all even though i had not listened to a couple of them. made the "essential" purchases in the end.

make believe - weezer
songs for silverman - ben folds

rivers is crooning for me right now. i wonder if i'm becoming less enthusiastic about music as i grow older. i remember a time when i was all nuts about weezer. am still very much into their music. however, even though i knew of their may 10 release date for make believe, i had waited until now to finally get my very own, when previously i would have been an overnighter at the record store. okay i'm embellishing, but you get the gist.

ben folds was a surprise buy for me. only had the first ben folds five album, whatever and ever amen. like it tons but never got into the second one. then of course, gramaphone HAD to display it so prominently. and dammit its all nicely packaged and shit (am such a sucker for these pretty things) so naturally, i had to get it.

my affair with music has always been a series of obsessions. at one point, i was all 933 with the fish leongs, lee homs and maydays. never bought their cds of course (save penny tai's latest offering). why buy when you have souting.com? prior to that, tkenna and nickel creek were on a constant loop. that is, until they go all looped out in my head and i put it aside and never listen to it for months on end. think i can get quite obsessive and just listen to something to death. guess i can't be a deejay. will just bore the listener with the same ol' shite over and over and over and over and over and over....

also, is it a coincidence that the main men for both records are dictatorial frontmen with fascist streaks? well, at least ben folds used to be one when his last name was five. kidding of course... everyone knows that's just his stage name HA! :P

"50 baht for tuk-tuk, 100 baht if you keep playing that shit."

24 June 2005

sian half

today's my company's dinner and dance. nowadays, everyone wants to copy gahmen. pap go to zouk, everybody want to go nightclub for their corporate event also. not that i'm complaining la. 2 free drinks, 4 lucky draws (prizes not bad somemore), quite alright right?

ptui! nahbei colleague sabo me, ask me help her take picture for the event. tell you, this place supposed to be damn tech-savvy right? suddenly pop out this woman, can ask me questions like:

"eh, how to make an exact copy of my excel file ah?" (save as different name! piang!)
"eh, you know how to put this flash on the camera or not ah?"

cheeh! spoil all my plans. i was intending to go there and eat, go jalan, come back for lucky draw, drink, then fuck off. now all 泡汤already lor.


"if i keep still, maybe they won't see me"

ashley the terrible

My dog Ashley is currently a 4-month old maltese on speed. for real. when i read the breed description, it said "malteses have gentle disposition, and are generally low maintenance." lucky i didn't waste my money buying that book cos' the fella who wrote it was either talking through his anus or has never had a maltese puppy.

Ashley has gotten me in tons of trouble with my mom. he made a couple of big transactions on the dining room carpet and since the offending pile had excellent camo qualities, my mom proceeded to hoover it all into her new hoover (really, its a Hoover. never bluff you!). Upon detecting a strange stench emanating from her recently purchased pride-and-joy, she discovered to her *ahem* dismay that she had vacuumed puppy waste unwittingly. needless to say, the shit hitteth the hoover-rotorblade.

Ashley also likes to run up the stairs at home. We are trying to not to let him upstairs, though that's not the major issue. the problem is, this pup can run up. but cannot go back down. so lan lan, everytime he run up, he stuck on the stairs want to come down but dunno how. like that how? bark lor. and our stairwell has better acoustics than the esplanade, so you can imagine how happy our ENT (ear nose throat) doctor is. har?

Other pet grouses (yes all pun intended): nipping at our ankles when we don't play with him (nao hiah, like woman lor, make people dulan just to get a reaction); chewing up the sofa bed in the computer room; chewing up anything he can reach; chewing up my bank account balance (knn next time if i have chewren i'll tell them "don't be human doctor be animal lao goong can earn alot more); worrying that he'll squeeze his head through the stair railing and commit suicide. this list is not exhaustive by the way.

i love you anyway, Ashley.

for your unquestioning affection; for greeting me with unbounded enthusiasm when i come back home, everyday without fail, even if i did scold you the day before for whatever transgression(s) you've committed; for showing me that even my mom, previously non-fan of dogs, can be made a convert; and most importantly, for teaching me a thing or two about unconditional love and loyalty. i know some might think that i'm anthropomorphizing, but it's hard not to think that dogs are genuinely capable of affection.

thank you, Ashley.

but ermm... can you stop crapping on the carpet?

23 June 2005


told this story many many times before but everyone always laugh in disbelief. today, i tried narrating it to someone over tea break and got the same reaction. so that's it! fuck you all, understand! i'll write it on this blog so nobody can laugh! last time i damn cute one okay, big head small body who don't like? okay la, so along the way, something went terribly wrong. but this story is no fib. true story, confirm chop ISO-stamp guarantee.

anyway, the story:

when i was in my PAP white-shirt, pink-pinstripe shorts phase, i met this girl. she was the most jude girl in class, for surrreeeee. alabaster skin, straight hair worn in a neat bob, phoar! and she like me okay! one particular episode sticks out in my mind. we were rehearsing for our graduation ceremony performance (damn grand ah, this teck ghee cc kindergarten) and we were sitting on a stage, away from the rest of the class. we held hands and were in a little pre-pubescent world of our own, talking about god-can't-even-remember-what. think last time damn innocent also, where got think about "phwoar this chick damn jude dunno when can bonk her". all we wanted to do was sit together during colouring-random-dinosaurs-in-the-random-book time, nap-time, learning chinese time, and making sure each other got the cooler bicycles with the streamers and not the banged-up rusty one that all the slow kids were stuck with.

true love, can?

also got another separate, slightly related story:

there was this indian girl who kept stalking me at the bookstore near the cc. everytime i go to the section with all the ladybug (or ladybird? ladyboy?) books, she'd be just peeking around the corner smiling at me. cheeh! and you know la, last time small don't know jackshit see indian only scared. last time aku heart-throb siah, got 痴情的小妹妹. sigh, good times...

actually, my current girlfriend also looks abit like the girl from the earlier story. maybe that's why i sian her in the first place haha. okay, i didn't actually go after her la, i just fake my way into getting her to ask me "eh nahbei cheebye you like me or not?" not her exact words, but still.

anyway, this story i tell another time. going to the gym to pay my overdue locker fee. cham, dunno got charge extra for late payout or not.

accomplished at work today:

  1. enthusiastically expounding on the virtue of a vera wang
  2. enthusiastically expounding on the merits of being vera wang (work from home, tons of moolah, no need to ever do own laundry, having fashion journos drool over your work even if it was just a blue sarong)
  3. coming to the conclusion that jack 'n' jill potato chips (the barbecue flavour) were a gift from god (fuck you pringles! where got potato can slice so perfect shape one! curve nice nice somemore so fake, you bluff who? ptui!)
  4. being screwed by reuters cafeteria (knn english breakfast tea for $1.50 and it taste like lipton, which retails at aforementioned f&b outlet for a 'paltry' $1.30. think i neber go supermarket before issit?)
  5. my second entry into my second blog

okay, i think items 1 and 2 is abit misleading. Sorry, aku not gay, aku not even metrosexual. i'd just like to have her life, is all.

also, i apologise to all taxpayers. today waste your money do all these boliao thing. no mood work is like that one. tomorrow i promise i make sure you get your money's worth.

22 June 2005

i'm protesting against my employer for the brain-numbing balls-shrinking shite work i face everyday. so i've cunningly devised a perfect plan to waste precious bandwidth and manhours. i'm starting a blog. clever innit? =)