27 June 2005

gramaphone got my number

got a little excited at gramaphone yesterday. at one point, i had like 4-5 CDs in hand, actually contemplating getting them all even though i had not listened to a couple of them. made the "essential" purchases in the end.

make believe - weezer
songs for silverman - ben folds

rivers is crooning for me right now. i wonder if i'm becoming less enthusiastic about music as i grow older. i remember a time when i was all nuts about weezer. am still very much into their music. however, even though i knew of their may 10 release date for make believe, i had waited until now to finally get my very own, when previously i would have been an overnighter at the record store. okay i'm embellishing, but you get the gist.

ben folds was a surprise buy for me. only had the first ben folds five album, whatever and ever amen. like it tons but never got into the second one. then of course, gramaphone HAD to display it so prominently. and dammit its all nicely packaged and shit (am such a sucker for these pretty things) so naturally, i had to get it.

my affair with music has always been a series of obsessions. at one point, i was all 933 with the fish leongs, lee homs and maydays. never bought their cds of course (save penny tai's latest offering). why buy when you have souting.com? prior to that, tkenna and nickel creek were on a constant loop. that is, until they go all looped out in my head and i put it aside and never listen to it for months on end. think i can get quite obsessive and just listen to something to death. guess i can't be a deejay. will just bore the listener with the same ol' shite over and over and over and over and over and over....

also, is it a coincidence that the main men for both records are dictatorial frontmen with fascist streaks? well, at least ben folds used to be one when his last name was five. kidding of course... everyone knows that's just his stage name HA! :P

"50 baht for tuk-tuk, 100 baht if you keep playing that shit."


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