24 June 2005

sian half

today's my company's dinner and dance. nowadays, everyone wants to copy gahmen. pap go to zouk, everybody want to go nightclub for their corporate event also. not that i'm complaining la. 2 free drinks, 4 lucky draws (prizes not bad somemore), quite alright right?

ptui! nahbei colleague sabo me, ask me help her take picture for the event. tell you, this place supposed to be damn tech-savvy right? suddenly pop out this woman, can ask me questions like:

"eh, how to make an exact copy of my excel file ah?" (save as different name! piang!)
"eh, you know how to put this flash on the camera or not ah?"

cheeh! spoil all my plans. i was intending to go there and eat, go jalan, come back for lucky draw, drink, then fuck off. now all 泡汤already lor.



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