23 June 2005


told this story many many times before but everyone always laugh in disbelief. today, i tried narrating it to someone over tea break and got the same reaction. so that's it! fuck you all, understand! i'll write it on this blog so nobody can laugh! last time i damn cute one okay, big head small body who don't like? okay la, so along the way, something went terribly wrong. but this story is no fib. true story, confirm chop ISO-stamp guarantee.

anyway, the story:

when i was in my PAP white-shirt, pink-pinstripe shorts phase, i met this girl. she was the most jude girl in class, for surrreeeee. alabaster skin, straight hair worn in a neat bob, phoar! and she like me okay! one particular episode sticks out in my mind. we were rehearsing for our graduation ceremony performance (damn grand ah, this teck ghee cc kindergarten) and we were sitting on a stage, away from the rest of the class. we held hands and were in a little pre-pubescent world of our own, talking about god-can't-even-remember-what. think last time damn innocent also, where got think about "phwoar this chick damn jude dunno when can bonk her". all we wanted to do was sit together during colouring-random-dinosaurs-in-the-random-book time, nap-time, learning chinese time, and making sure each other got the cooler bicycles with the streamers and not the banged-up rusty one that all the slow kids were stuck with.

true love, can?

also got another separate, slightly related story:

there was this indian girl who kept stalking me at the bookstore near the cc. everytime i go to the section with all the ladybug (or ladybird? ladyboy?) books, she'd be just peeking around the corner smiling at me. cheeh! and you know la, last time small don't know jackshit see indian only scared. last time aku heart-throb siah, got 痴情的小妹妹. sigh, good times...

actually, my current girlfriend also looks abit like the girl from the earlier story. maybe that's why i sian her in the first place haha. okay, i didn't actually go after her la, i just fake my way into getting her to ask me "eh nahbei cheebye you like me or not?" not her exact words, but still.

anyway, this story i tell another time. going to the gym to pay my overdue locker fee. cham, dunno got charge extra for late payout or not.


At Thursday, June 23, 2005 6:26:00 PM, Blogger moonbeam said...

grrrr. I am sensing strangling and tongue lashing on your horizon.

cheers. *saccharine smile*


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