27 July 2005

audere est facere

for those who know me, they will be quite acutely aware that i'm a bit of a diehard spurs fan. now now, before you launch into a fit of derisive laughter, i'll have you know we just signed edgar davids, the midfield lynchpin who almost helped barcelona singlehandedly to the primera liga title, despite only joining in the middle of the season.

typically, i'd love to have such a colossal figure grace the pitch at white hart lane, except he might have come a season or two too late. at 32, time isn't exactly on his side. good thing he was on a free transfer, otherwise that would be another few million pounds badly spent. again.

coming back to my sporting allegiances. seems to me i'm destined to deviate towards sports organisations that cause their supporters no mean amount of anguish (spurs, seattle mariners, seattle sonics).

spurs, the perennial underachievers of english football, the fallen bastion of the beautiful game in a country where "hoof 'em and hope" was more the order of the day. the club whose hallowed grounds was blessed by the magic feet of glenn hoddle, ossie ardiles, paul gascoigne, gary lineker, david ginola, et al.

today, we are a club in perpetual rebuilding. who the hell rebuilds for a good whole decade. only tottenham fuckin' hotspur, that is. sometimes, i wish football fans can just up and support another club. i know some do. but as any self-respecting person would tell you, football means sticking to one club your entire life. it's perfectly legitimate to divorce your wife to marry another, but god forbid you switch to supportin' the gooners. you'd be the equivalent of a football pariah, rejected by all sides. even the damn gooners won't take a second look at you, judas. :-P

the logic of it all is really quite astounding, all these unwritten rules. like how you cannot support more than one club within the same league, but nobody gives a shit if you like another team in another league, no problem with that at all. hell, you can tie 10 team scarves from 10 teams in 10 different leagues, more power to you. of course, you need a neck like a Karen refugee but that's a totally different matter altogether.

maybe football fans are like sailors, a club at every port.


At Wednesday, July 27, 2005 12:42:00 PM, Blogger Charleston said...

alamak brudder. dont sound so pessimistic leh. davids is gonna be a huge player for spurs man. he'll chew gilberto to bits, have makelele for a snack, send roy keano to the retirement home. he aint called the pitbull for nutting man. Go spurs go!!!

Oh wait... I support liverpool! Nvm. Spurs can always be my 3rd fav team after Tampines Rovers. hehe... :D

At Wednesday, July 27, 2005 10:38:00 PM, Blogger tadaxp said...

Used to support Spurs when I was younger, and always only watched when Glenn Hoddle was playing ... and then Gary Linekar ... but nowadays, hardly follow EPL liao ... those were the days ...


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