20 July 2005

cat's away

my entire family sans me (and relocated second sis) are now walking the merry, manic streets of HK. okay, not quite yet cos' they only flew off like 3 hours ago. anyway, that leaves me and ashley, in sg. so for five sweet days, i have the car and the house to myself. perfect opportunity to have a kegger, except think poor ashley would be too stressed out.

since i'm at work for most of the day, i've actually worked out an arrangement with my aunt (who lives 4 blocks away) to doggysit the poor kiddo. i swear, i feel like a parent leaving his pride and joy at the daycare for the very first time. those poor puppy eyes welling up with puppy tears, i almost called in sick, just to stay home and keep him company. but heck, i need the job, i need the money (god knows i need it, ever tried owing the bank 18,000 big ones plus interest? goddamn tertiary education). so i showed my famed stiff upper lip and went away, not turning back, in case he sees the reluctance in my eyes.

the shitty thing about having a stay-home mum is that you never have the place to yourself, cos dammit that's her office AND her home, where else she got to go homez? so for the first time in my entire lifetime, she's gone on a family vacation WITHOUT me, leaving me to run riot for five long days. i can already smell the sweet nectar of freedom. the freedom to toss my socks on the sofa, the freedom to guzzle beer over poker with a couple of pig-fri-dog-ends.
ah, but responsibility, you have. look after your doggy, you must.

yeah, don't have to share the car but can't bear to go anywhere cos i can't leave him alone. heck he already sets his own routine to fit mine. he naps most of the afternoon and generally mopes around until six-ish, seven-ish, when he starts to perk up, in anticipation of my return from work. then he gets the runabout until eleven or twelve before he licks me good night.

i know its just a dog and all to some people. but you don't get this affection and loyalty from the best of people. so if you'll excuse me, i'll be home all week.

unless we go to a dog-friendly park (or pub).


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