08 July 2005

damn terrorists

may the fury of a thousand mosquitoes be unleashed upon your anus and your hands grow too short for you to scratch it.

damn american administrations since who-knows-when

it's your damn fault too. you guys created this mess by supporting corrupt middle-eastern regimes, destabilizing the entire region and subsequently exploiting your close links with the dictators in power for their precious oil. damn gollums, the whole lot of you.

damn war on terror

i'm sorry, but an eye for an eye is so old-testament. get with the programme, asswipes! HELLOOO? 21st century non? pre-empt my ass, suckers!


At Saturday, July 09, 2005 2:39:00 AM, Blogger Charleston said...

My friends were in London. Nabeh... evil terrorists. Me wish tt they had decomposing anacondas stickin outta their arses... and tt they aint got no arms to pull it out...


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