06 July 2005

decipher this

weird dreams totally creep me out. just had one last night, can't remember the whole thing. you know how some parts of your dreams come through quite clearly and other parts are just a blur and all you can do is piece them together intuitively? this one is something like this:

ex-colleague of mine, comes up to me in random cafe and says: "i was working at a HIV/AIDS volunteer organisation and i now have aids." "aids isn't infectious through physical contact, is it?" i questioned. "i don't know."

blurry portion, fast forward

i probed further: "don't mind me for asking, but are you sexually active with your boyfriend?"


"maybe he passed it to you then."

fast forward again.

"do you fuck around?"

boyfriend: "yes."

an interesting point to note is that this "boyfriend" is actually not the boyfriend of my ex-colleague but the boyfriend of an nus schoolmate. how i managed to mix them up is a question you should direct to my subconscious mind. fast forward again.

me: "are you HIV positive?"

"boyfriend": "yes, and i'm sorry, name withheld."

can't remember anymore, and i woke up feeling entirely disoriented. can anyone interpret dreams? do help me with this one, though i think this is most likely just a pastiche of random tripe in my mind.

it's nice to know that even in my dreams, i'm not stupid enough to believe working in a HIV/AIDS organisation will give you aids. this is of course, more than i can say about those stupid parents who demanded a childcare centre which hired a gay teacher (who wasn't even positive!) to change all the furniture and basically dettol the entire school.

work is almost done, gonna work up a sweat playing really bad tennis. ROCK!


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