21 July 2005

i want to ride my aeroplane

please, anyone who reads this, anyone at all. i will worship at your feet, kiss your grandma and feed your iguana if you have a mint condition (factory-sealed) smashing pumpkins' aeroplane flies high boxset or know of anyone who does and is willing to sell. will pay a premium for it, maybe S$300.

am so so so not kidding about this. have been searching everywhere for it but have not been able to find it anywhere. thing is, when tower records used to be at pacific plaza, i used to gaze longingly at the gleaming vacuum-wrapped monochromatic beast of a box set, sitting tantalisingly in the glass cabinet with his other boxset friends. being the poor student that i was, i was not willing to part with $90 to buy it, however much i craved it. of course looking back now, i totally regretted it cos its out of print now! talk about infinite sadness.

so please please please please please please please will a kind soul relieve me from my regret?


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