03 July 2005

measurements of beauty

my friend's uncle will be bringing me one of these lovely babies when he comes over from the US in July. pretty good deal too methink. he's letting me have one for US$175 (price in singapore dollars to be determined at time of transaction. Clever little buggers, these business types)

this is of course, the same uncle which my friend has been talking about. the taxi-driver in singapore who made good in the us, reselling and exporting electronics to the middle east, the one who now owns a sweet crib with a pool and what not, complete with an SUV and a lincoln. in short: the american dream.

he's been trying to convince me and D that we should up and do the same. "what can we look forward to in singapore? maybe in 10 years time, we can have our $5,000 a month job, our mini-sedan and five-room flat in Punggol. let's be like our ancestors, who came from wherever they were to this goddamn red dot to make a killing. lets move out of our comfort zone and be more than we can be."

not bad this fella, should go sell magic stones to aunties.

seriously though, worth a thought innit?


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