13 July 2005

more kidney beans

i know i've been harping a fair bit on the nkf-sph war but hey, my blog, my perogative. :P

have been speaking with my colleague, who used to work directly under tt durai at nkf. she's entirely sympathetic to his plight apparently and i suppose she's right on some counts, that in some ways, he's the victim here. a man who devoted 18 hour days, 7 days a week to the nkf cause must really be committed to the organisation. sure he was a fricking slave-driver but with him at the helm, nkf has become the superpower it is today.

also, the whole thing about mrs goh chok tong calling tt durai's pay package "peanuts" must be seen in the right context. you can't compare the man with the $2,000 wage-earner. would you like it if i said: "oei, you manager get $5,000 for fuck when the cleaner getting $800?" doesn't make sense, right? okay, i admit i may have overreacted about tt durai's pay earlier. shucks, fell into the same emotional trap set by super singh lawyer, turning the court of public opinion against the nkf. DAMMIT! :P

anyway, what mrs goh was referring to was that for men of tt durai's calibre, $25,000 really isn't that inflated a monthly wage. and i agree when mrbrown said that you wouldn't want a person worth $60,000 per annum heading an organisation with $200 million. hell, you want to talk about mismanagement, just hire me as CEO la. trust me, with that kind of funds at my disposal i'll give you more than golden taps. hell, i'll buy my own learjet.

still, i think nkf should seriously consider major reforms. accountability to its donors would be a good start. it's fine if you want to pay your CEO a CEO's pay. just tell me and justify why this amount is necessary la, like how if you get this fella what he can bring in, in terms of funds for the patients, far outstrips whatever renumeration he will receive. the public not stupid you know, they can do simple maths.

okay, enough about this rubbish. time to move on.



At Tuesday, July 19, 2005 4:36:00 PM, Anonymous Amy Cheong said...

Have you read the transcript? If not, do so now, and see if you still have any pity for this lying bastard. It's not just the $25,000 pay and 12 months bonus, he even hid the $25,000 directorships from his board. And there's not just a $990 tap, there's a $1,100 toilet bowl, a $990 shower door, $380 washbasin, $680 basin mixer. And despite the obscene pay check, under oath, he pretends he doesn't know how to read the NKF accounts. Word fail me how to describe this low life. The amazing thing is, Mrs Goh Chok Tong is still standing by his "transparency" - she might as well choose Adolf Hitler as hero.


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