04 July 2005


i drove back home with weezer blaring on the stereo. its incredibly easy listening and it doesn't take much to get going on this confection. i especially like perfect situation cos' it speaks of something that i totally identify with - its the lament of fools who don't make more of their lives and instead let perfectly good potential waste away.

anyway, i parked the car and got out when this indian guy came up and asked: "sir, car wash?" i declined, as the ride was still relatively clean. this same guy (think he works at the nearby site) walks the same beat everyday with the same refrain. there was something so honourable about him, a dignified grace in his smile when i turned his offer down. no fuss, just a nod and he moves on, looking for opportunities elsewhere.

maybe he works so hard to build a family home, or to have enough to get married and start a small business, who knows. but his endeavour to work towards a better life puts me to shame, for i have neither the diligence nor determination to do the same.

this humbling lesson could be toiling in your neighbourhood.


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