21 July 2005

online drama

aiyo buy what 3G fone watch drama on your mobile? knn you can just read blogs man. what a dramatic couple of days or so.

first, kennysia posted some nudies he posed for at the sg blogcon with sarongpartygirl, provoking a plethora of responses ranging from blind idol worship to scathing moralistic rampages. poor harrassed kenny protested, whimpered then succumbed to the disapproving finger-waving women in his life. dammit never even got to see the nudies first-hand, slowpoke that i am. DAMN MYSELF FOR NOT CHECKING EVERY GODDAMN BLOG EVERY 15 MINUTES OR SO! always missing out on the nude, i mean good stuff :-S (lucky got people post it on their blog after kenny took it down)

*ahem* anyway xiaxue, the docile lady that she is, had a lengthy commentary of abovementioned incident. let's just say she didn't quite approve. xialanxue, so obviously a fan of xiaxue's, chose to fan the flames, saying something along the lines of "HA! in your face kenny! xiaxue's your friend eh? try to protect her eh? now she turn around and kan you! BURRRN!!" something like that la.

then got into office today, checked out a couple of blogs before getting down to work (i.e. go for breakfast from 9:30 to 10 or thereabouts, who keeps count?). then lo and behold! xiaxue's blog and email account kena hacked! WAH! (*cue for audience* SHOCK! HORROR! WAH!) apparently, the hacker trash-canned all of her blog entries and emails. this xiaxue also damn good, got keep 3000 over emails, somemore got 12 blogs over 3 years sure alot of text and alot of pikture. confirm is damn heart pain man. such things actually serve as a archive of sorts for someone's personal history, like a chronological heuristic map for jogging the memories of yesterdays. "ah, 21 Dec 2002, i scolded that little boy. oh how can i forget the post on 1 April 2003, i remember when i was writing that post i was digging my nose then i pluck my nosehair until i cry. good times man."

but now, no more. not even a trace. this hacker got abit cruel. bad for xiaxue, but damn good for all whodunnit fans lor! let the recrimination begin! haha macham cluedo sial. "It was mrbrown in the kitchen with the ibook!"

but if you want to be totally cup-is-half-full about this fiasco, xiaxue can actually be rather proud that the hacker chose her as the target of his or her attack. eh, you think hacker go and hack any old blog meh? u think he'll choose mine? ptui! other people's readership runs into the thousands everyday okay. its an honour to be hacked, you know? proves you have clout. xiaxue's blog now joins a long illustrious list of hacked sites. bet bigfuck must be thinking: "nah bei i not framoose enough to be hacked issit! my blog come out in newspaper one okay, http://bigf***.blogspot.com okay. cheebye come hack my site you understand?"

okay, mai siao. off to work.


At Saturday, August 13, 2005 6:48:00 AM, Blogger Media Outsider said...

If you're still interested in seeing SPG nekkid, I can hook you up. For real.


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