13 July 2005

the saga ends

so the nkf isn't gonna sue sph anymore. guess tt durai had enough of the davinder suppository (XXXXL size). pity, this drama could hv occupied me for this week. now i actually have to work. shucks.

and i changed my mind, i wanna be the lawyer for nkf lawsuits against sph now. bloody hell, no need talk, no need prepare anything. just put my ceo on the stand against super singh lawyer and watch him burn! crumble! blown to bits by the almighty juggernaut that is singapore's only print media organisation!

and then, i'll collect my paycheck from Golden Taps, thankew you very much.

unless of course, Lee Kuan Yew's blog, a.k.a. the straits times had conveniently left out the NKF counsel's equally convincing cross-examination? hahahaha conspiracy theorist, i am! :P


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