28 August 2005

latest object(s) of desire

music: hard-fi's stars of cctv.

comedy: eddie izzard's glorious and dressed to kill

trippin': glastonbury!

17 August 2005

la vie artistic licence

courtesy of khementi

for the uninitiated, CORS is the worlds most stupid goddamn idea. in the annals of bad ideas, this one was the main event. fortunately, i left NUS early enough not to be screwed over a million times by it.

in other news, the Zionists have finally decided that pulling out of the Gaza strip would be the best course of action. gee which rocket scientist pulled THAT idea out of a hat. lemme offer another brilliant hypothesis: perhaps moving back to Israel was not such a good idea after all? After all, what with you guys having been away so long and the fact that someone else already lives where you lived, hey maybe back then you could already tell it wasn't gonna be as easy as you thought it would, you know? just a thought.

we're going down, down in an earlier round
Sugar we're going down swinging
I'll be your number one with a bullet
Loaded gun complex
Cock it and pull it

Sugar, we're going down - Fallout Boy

10 August 2005

all apologies

my, i must have forgotten i had a blog. have admittedly been a tad distracted with my new toy :-) on top of the ipod, i've also discovered the best things since steve jobs - ares p2p. arrrrrghhh mee hearties yessireee imma rippin' them songs a new one.

i've lovin' the mini, no doubt. it's literally a pocket full of tunes. the battery life's shorter than gwen stefani's shorts but man, its quite a step up from my md player, which now seems like a brick in comparison (kidding, you'll always have a special place in my heart, md)

so anyway, i was at the parade yesterday evening. my first time ever, so i was pretty psyched about it. yes, even the cynic in me couldn't get past the flag-waving tamborine-shaking euphoria of it all. truth be told though, i'm disappointed. jos said it's one of them things designed to make you go stir-crazy and all patriotic and shit. thing is, it wasn't that. was kinda just that little detached from it all, kinda like a bystander watching these whole bunch of people havin' a ball.

darn. the dog's messing with my leg. will continue this later.