10 August 2005

all apologies

my, i must have forgotten i had a blog. have admittedly been a tad distracted with my new toy :-) on top of the ipod, i've also discovered the best things since steve jobs - ares p2p. arrrrrghhh mee hearties yessireee imma rippin' them songs a new one.

i've lovin' the mini, no doubt. it's literally a pocket full of tunes. the battery life's shorter than gwen stefani's shorts but man, its quite a step up from my md player, which now seems like a brick in comparison (kidding, you'll always have a special place in my heart, md)

so anyway, i was at the parade yesterday evening. my first time ever, so i was pretty psyched about it. yes, even the cynic in me couldn't get past the flag-waving tamborine-shaking euphoria of it all. truth be told though, i'm disappointed. jos said it's one of them things designed to make you go stir-crazy and all patriotic and shit. thing is, it wasn't that. was kinda just that little detached from it all, kinda like a bystander watching these whole bunch of people havin' a ball.

darn. the dog's messing with my leg. will continue this later.


At Thursday, August 18, 2005 10:47:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

while your ipod can kiss my @#$%,

you are not patriotic

and your dog humps your leg.

i like you already.


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