30 October 2005

crazy life

toad the wet sprocket is swirling around in my head - good intentions, crazy life, et al - as i let the weekend sink in. spent saturdays catching up with good friends. the afternoon and evening was a glorious rush, stopping by suntec to pick up tickets for our trip in dec to malaysia. for the uninitiated, they had a travel malaysia fair during the weekend, and there were some pretty good deals. in the end, we paid like $229 for a 4D3N affair which will bring us to the heights of genting and the gastronomical delights of good ol' malacca. ah, malacca brings back many fond memories... for my stomach. seafood at the portugese settlement, chicken rice balls, and a smorgasbord of peranakan fare awaits us... can't wait!

oh! it's a shame none of us brought our cameras along. some of the major players in the malaysian coach tour circuit had brought in some of their top-of-the-line luxury coaches. and don't be sceptical i know some of these companies brag about the "luxury" coaches when they're just the air-conditioned equivalent of bas sekolah but boy, these babies were rocking! they had like massage chair seats, personal entertainment systems, attendants, and some of them were double-decker ones. who woulda thunk it!

anyway, after getting the tickets (which kevin will generously sponsor for all of us, hopefully? :P) we adjourned to crystal jade for dinner and subsequently brewerkz for the match of the season so far for me - Spurs vs the old enemy, the the bastards from down the road Ars*nal. We had a blinder of a first half! the gooners couldn't even get a shot in edgewise. jenas and carrick both had chances to put the game beyond any reasonable doubt (though with spurs, what would that be? 10-0? and we might even have to scrape a 10-9 win at the end, knowing our luck with scorelines, but anyhow...) then of course, that bloody frog pires had to ruin it all. somebody shld make it illegal for pires to play against spurs... needless to say, i got a bit grumpy after that.

and after the game, the gang headed off home and i went to meet up with alvin and harjit for more beer at chinaOne, and half-priced magaritas at cafe iguana. sweeeet, what a way to end a saturday night.

sunday - not quite as spectacular. work to clear, and other stuff that i cannot elaborate at this point. suffice to say i'm quite messed up in the head and given enough time, i can apply my anti-midas touch to anything in my life. more about that later...


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