28 November 2005

because i want to gross you out

ashley loves biting on rags. and i do mean LURVVEEEEEEE. he can chew on a used towel happily for hours on end.

and that's what he did to this faithful rag.

it was in this bag of old clothes that we were going to throw away. he snuck into the bag and picked it specifically for his devious ends. he then ran underneath the dining table (his usual modus operandi, as he knows we cannot reach him easily when he's there) and began chewing the daylights out of the sucker.

so we thought it was harmless and all, until he tore off an approximately 10cm strip from the rag. we tried to get the cloth back from him, which invariably led to him resisting and in his excitement, he swallowed the darn strip.

* * * * * * * * * *

the next day, ashley took a poop, but there was a stubborn dropping which refused to dislodge itself from his behind.

that's when we knew - the strip of rag doth returneth.


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